Australian Awarding Cancer Enlightenment Reporter Award

The Australian Financial Review journalist, Jill Margo, has been named winner of the inaugural Awarding Cancer Enlightenment (ACE) Reporter Award.

Open to consumer journalists providing independent, accurate, clear and timely information on advances in cancer prevention, treatment and care, the ACE Reporter Award is an initiative of the European School of Oncology and sponsored by Eli Lilly.

Finalists for the 2004 award, the first time an Australian award was presented, included Julie Robotham of the Sydney Morning Herald, Amanda Place of The Age and Marnie McKimmie of The West Australian.

Each journalist was asked to submit a number of articles, judged by a panel comprising representatives of The Cancer Council Australia, European School of Oncology, Brain Foundation, National Breast Cancer Centre, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Australian Lung Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Cancer Voices NSW, Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia and Leukaemia Foundation.

Cancer Forum is pleased to reproduce one of Jill Margo’s winning articles – An early test can foil cancer fatality – with the kind permission of The Australian Financial Review.


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