Cancer: How Worthwhile is Non-Curative Treatment

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Cancer: How Worthwhile is Non-Curative Treatment
M Slevin
Published by Springer (1998)
ISBN: 3540760830. 303 pages plus index. RRP: DM79.


This 310 page book is one volume of publisher Springer-Verlag’s “Focus on Cancer” series. Each issue is devoted to a well-defined theme (i.e. basic science, clinical application, diagnostic methods, treatment, complications of cancer and psychosocial problems). The editors, Slevin and Tait, offer this book as a concise overview of general aspects on the current state of the art in the non-curative but active treatment of cancer, intending this for the busy specialist oncologist and other medical practitioners involved in the treatment of cancer.

The contributors are 30 UK oncologists (with three token overseas guests). The paperback is divided into three sections (non-curative surgery, non-curative radiotherapy and non-curative chemotherapy) with each section dealing with various tumour types. All of the information presented can be obtained in most standard textbooks of oncology and there are already several currently available that are targeted at various levels of oncology experience.

This book is out of date. The latest published reference that I could find is 1995, most references are from the 1970s and ‘80s. The chemotherapy section reads like ancient history. The specialist oncologist will not learn any new information by reading this book.

I do not believe this textbook adds any significant contribution to the increasing number of smaller oncology textbooks and I do not recommend it.

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