Advances in Breast Cancer Management

Reviewed by:


W Gradishar et al (Eds)
Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (2000)
ISBN: 0-7923-7890-3. 207 pages plus index.
RRP: US$165.00

This is one in the series entitled Cancer Treatment and Research published by Kluwer Academic with Steven T Rosen as series editor. In this volume, Advances in Breast Cancer Management, nine clinically important topics are the subject of short reviews by eminent US and Canadian experts. The management of menopausal problems, sentinel lymph node biopsy, post mastectomy radiotherapy, HER2, high dose chemotherapy x 2, preoperative chemotherapy, randomised trials of systemic adjuvant therapy and breast cancer chemo-prevention are covered.

Generally the reviews are pithy and pertinent, there is good use made of tables to summarise complex data and the references are extensive and as current as can be expected for a book published in 2000.

As always the field has moved on since the authors did their work. The editor notes cryptically that the “Bezwoda study has come under scrutiny”. Doubtless, the high dose chemotherapy papers would be drafted differently if written now. Newer data on herceptin and taxanes in metastatic disease and randomised data on the effects of venlafaxine on menopausal symptoms could now be added. A chapter on the aromatase inhibitors would have been of value.

However, as the basis for, a personal update, preparation for a lecture or as a quick reference for patient management, these are excellent reviews. I am pleased to have a copy of this little book. At US$165.00 others may prefer to twist the librarian’s arm.

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