Bladder Cancer – Current Diagnosis and Treatment

Reviewed by:


M Droller (Ed)
Published by Humana Press (2001)
ISBN: 0-896-03818-1. 437 pages plus index.
RRP: US$135

This book of some 400 pages is a comprehensive text covering the modern management of bladder cancer. In addition to dealing with the clinical aspects of the disease, there are substantial chapters that focus on the epidemiology and the molecular biology of urothelial malignancy. This is timely – since, in common with other tumours, there has been a great deal of research in this area in recent years.

Almost a quarter of the book is taken up with chapters dealing with the imaging and diagnosis of bladder cancer. Whilst having this background information presented in detail is important in a reference work, I suspect it may be a little more detail than will be required for readers of the book. The central portion of the book deals with the surgical management of bladder cancer, extending from early disease through to issues relating to the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. These chapters are well written and provide a concise yet thorough summary of the state of the art of the treatment of bladder cancer. They are followed by a chapter on the management of metastatic bladder cancer. The book concludes with an interesting section on the design considerations for phase II trials of new therapies in bladder cancer. This a well written and interesting section of the book, though it seems somewhat out of place. The level of the discussion here is more appropriate for a reader with a specific interest in clinical trials, and, indeed, assumes a good deal of background knowledge.

Overall this is a useful book that summarises modern thinking on the management of bladder cancer. It would be a useful addition to the collection of anyone involved in the management of this disease.

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