Chronic Lymphoid Leukaemias

Reviewed by:


B Cheson (Ed)
Published by Marcel Dekker (2001)
ISBN: 0-8247-0543-2. 608 pages plus index.
RRP: US$185.00

It is not very often that you come across a book to review that is as good as this. I think this book is superb (not perfect, but none the less, superb) and I would recommend it to any practicing haematologist and physician who deals with leukaemia.

This is a multi-author (50), multi-chapter (27), book of over 600 pages, with an international cast of contributors, a veritable “who’s who” in the field. The authors are predominately from Western Europe and North America and include Daniel Catovsky, Carlo Croce, Michael Grever, John Gribben, Terry Hamblin, Michael Keating, Thomas Loughran, William Plunkett and Kanti Rai, with a notable contribution from John Seymour and Janine Campbell from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne on Richter’s Syndrome.

The topics covered are wide, varied and comprehensive, and include history, molecular biology, epidemiology, the nature of the CLL lymphocyte, genetic approaches to therapy, prognostic factors and several chapters on different aspects of therapy of CLL. In addition, prolymphocytic leukaemia, hairy cell leukaemia and chronic T cell and NK cell leukaemias are discussed in separate chapters. The final chapter discusses the psychological aspects of CLL.

If I were to offer one constructive criticism, it would be to say that colour (rather than black and white) plates of the morphology of the lymphoid malignancies would have been useful in the chapter on differential diagnosis of the chronic B-cell lymphoid leukaemias.

Nevertheless this is an excellent book. The editor is to be congratulated on bringing together a superb group of experts who have covered the field comprehensively and in an up-to-date fashion.

I recommend this book without reservation.

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