Breast Cancer

Reviewed by:


K Hunt et al
Published by Springer (2001)
ISBN: 0-387-95190-3.
477 pages plus index.
RRP:  US$59.95

Breast cancer is the first in the series of the M D Anderson Cancer Care Series and as stated in the preface written by Drs Buzdar and Freedman from M D Anderson: “Each volume of this series will offer a detailed, comprehensive description of the M D Anderson approach to a particular type of cancer.”

“They have chosen to emphasise the day-to-day aspects of practice minimising literature reviews and discussion of approaches not yet incorporated into routine practice”.

They also state that their aim is to describe the entire range of related services available for a particular cancer site. Despite being on one topic it is a solid tome of 500 pages with, as they say, very little of it devoted to pages of references. Despite the comment of referencing not being their primary objective, there are references to both M D Anderson studies and national studies within the text. This does allow the rationale for most of the treatment guidelines to be followed but it is a far from full historical review of the development, in most areas.

There are useful summaries of each chapter, headed key practice points and a suggested reading list at the end of each chapter.

It is certainly inclusive! It is hard to find a stone that hasn’t been turned. Pages are devoted to the timing of post surgical shoulder exercises!

In my view there is excessive use of abbreviations that slowed my reading of the information considerably.

It is understandably not an international view of breast cancer but an American, and more narrowly still, an M D Anderson view, but this is the declared aim of the publication.

It is a useful reference for the management of breast cancer but I would doubt that Australian readers would find it their preferred source of information.

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