Pancreatic Cancer

Reviewed by:


J Cameron
Published by B C Decker (2001)
ISBN: 1-55009-131-X. 263 pages plus index.
RRP: A$323.44

This short book with a distinguished list of authors covers the whole topic of this common, but still problematic, disease very well. It deals thoroughly with the most important aspects of pancreatic cancer and its management in a clear, concise and practical way.

Some chapters are particularly good for the busy practising clinician. They cover some aspects that are not well-covered in other texts. These chapters include the molecular genetics chapter and the familial pancreatic cancer chapter.

All aspects of management are covered, although the emphasis on the opinions of the chapter authors slightly detracts from the comprehensive nature of the book. Nevertheless, all the authors are authoritative and the illustrations are excellent.

The enclosed CD ROM is an excellent addition to the book, as it allows people who travel with laptops to take this information with them without cumbersome additional literary material. Unfortunately, however, though the tables could be downloaded for presentation purposes into PowerPoint, the majority of the figures could not be used. This may have been intentional.

All in all, I believe this to be a good book for any general surgical or gastroenterological trainee to have read. It is the sort of book specialist upper GI surgeons might well keep on their shelves (or laptop computer), even if it is just used to show the illustrations to patients. Every medical library should contain this monograph and I will be recommending it to my medical students.

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