Clinical Gynecologic Oncology (6th Edition) including Clinical Gynecologic Oncology Review (3rd Edition)


PJ DiSaia and WT Creasman
Published by Mosby (2003)
Distributed in Australia by Elsevier
ISBN:  0-3230-2372-X.  656 pages plus index.
RRP:  A$313.50

DiSaia and Creasman have recently released the sixth edition of their textbookClinical Gynecologic Oncology. This American textbook is aimed at the “resident, fellow or student of gynecologic oncology” and represents a comprehensive text on the subject.  The book was first published in 1981 and has been revised in line with progress in the field. In this regard it gives a clear historical perspective on many of the advances in the management of women with gynaecological malignancies.

The book has a broad clinical bias giving a detailed account of the epidemiology and clinical presentation and management of women with gynaecological cancers. It also includes comment on affiliated areas such as breast and colon cancer screening and guidelines for the management of the dying patient. Compared to previous editions the chapter on the genetics of cancer has been expanded. Also this new edition has a small colour atlas at the beginning of the book.

The text is quite expansive in character however important key statements are highlighted in red, and this is helpful when using the book as a reference. There is also a very useful chapter on cancer in pregnancy, an important topic, and one that is not addressed in such detail by other commonly used text books.

My main criticism of this textbook relates to the limited appreciation and acknowledgement of key research arising outside of America and the lack of comment in such regard.  It is obviously challenging to the authors to have to continually update such a comprehensive text on the subject and this also is evident on occasion.

P Blomfield
Gynaecological Oncology
Women’s and Children’s Clinical Services
Royal Hobart Hospital
Hobart, TAS

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