Ovarian Cancer


R Ozols
Published by BC Decker (2003)
ISBN:  1-5500-9096-8.  237 pages plus index.
RRP:  A$306.06

This book is part of the “Atlas of Clinical Oncology” series, edited by Dr Robert Ozols of Fox Chase Cancer Centre, with contributors mainly from that centre or from the National Cancer Institute Spore program.  It is obvious from the start that the contributors are all at the cutting edge of their speciality.  The book covers every facet of ovarian malignancy including germ cell tumours and ovarian sex cord stromal tumours, has magnificent illustrations, is sequentially and logically laid out and is accompanied by a CD, which is especially useful for those of us who like to use illustrations from state-of-the-art publications.

Perhaps the strength of this book lies in its basic biological contributions, and in particular the chapters on biology, genetics, developmental chemotherapy and advances in biological therapy and high-dose chemotherapy are all extremely interesting and contain information not readily accessible from other sources.

This is a book for the post-graduate. It will be of use particularly for the gynaecological oncologist and the medical oncologist caring for women with this malignancy and for those working in family cancer clinics, given the excellent chapters on genetics and genetic counselling.

M Quinn
Royal Women’s Hospital
Carlton, VIC

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