Germ Cell Tumours

Reviewed by:


D Raghavan
Published by BC Decker (2003) Distributed in Australia
by Elsevier
ISBN:  1-5500-9082-8.  362 pages plus index.
RRP:  A$356.40


Germ Cell Tumours is a comprehensive textbook that reviews the biology, presentation, investigation and treatment of germ cell tumours. Edited by Derek Raghavan, it is a new addition to the American Cancer Society Atlas of Clinical Oncology series.

The text is extensively illustrated with excellent reproductions of clinical photographs, diagnostic images, operative views, gross specimens, histopathology, anatomical and surgical diagrams. The accompanying CD includes all text and illustrations in a single PDF.

This is a comprehensive textbook with an emphasis on management. The authorship is international with Australian contributions from Guy Toner, Michael Boyer, Lisa Horvath, David Quinn and Christopher Sweeney. 

Introductory chapters on biology, epidemiology, presentation, imaging, markers, anatomy, pathology and prognostic factors provide an excellent background.

Surgical management of the testis, retroperitoneum and distant metastases are covered in separate chapters. Chemotherapy is extensively covered with separate chapters on seminoma, good prognosis non-seminoma, poor prognosis non-seminoma, high dose chemotherapy, salvage therapy, acute toxicities and late toxicities. Radiation for seminoma, surveillance for stage I disease, central nervous system disease, extragonadal and pediatric germ cell tumours also have separate chapters.

The book closes with chapters on resources for patients, psychosocial outcomes, end-of-life issues and pain management.

This is an excellent and comprehensive resource for clinicians and teachers.

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