His Prostate and Me

Reviewed by:


D L Howe
Published by Winedale Publishing Houston (2002)
ISBN 0-9701525-7-4. 169 pages


This book gives an honest and frank account about a couple’s journey through a diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment. The author, a patient education and advocacy expert, undertakes a mini medical school course offered for lay people at a local American College of Medicine to help her understand anatomy and the terminology being used. The couple read several books on prostate cancer and view hundreds of prostate cancer internet sites.

The book recognises the emotional and clinical maze that recently diagnosed people are confronted with and discusses different treatment options for prostate cancer in an easy to understand manner. The author also looks at lifestyle issues such as diet and complementary medicine. Adjustments to changed sexuality and dealing with continence is discussed openly. The author highlights the need to have close family support and strongly recommends support groups as well as talking to individuals who have been through a similar experience. The importance of a medical team who communicate well with their patients is also advocated.

The couple go on to support many people. This includes input into the development of an internet site that helps families going through a prostate cancer diagnosis. With the assistance of a golf professional, the couple were able to develop and air a television commercial which resulted in thousands of prostate cancer awareness brochures being sent to men. They also speak at public awareness meetings. An enormous amount of energy and drive has been given by this couple to raise awareness about prostate cancer, and the need for knowledge and support.

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