Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Reviewed by:


A V D’Amico et al (eds)
Published by Humana Press (2003)
ISBN:  1-5882-9114-6.  267 pages plus index.
RRP:  A$125.00



The book is divided into three sections with Part 1 dealing with image-guided diagnosis, Part 2 with image guided therapies and Part 3 with new innovations in imaging.

Contrary to the title of the book, the authors only described imaging techniques, diagnosis, staging, treatment and outcomes of prostate cancer and breast cancer with single chapters in Part 1 and Part 2 dealing with diagnostic imaging and image guided surgery of the CNS.

The text is very well organised and written in a style that is very easy to follow. The book is comprehensive and can be used as a reference work.

This textbook successfully bridges the gap between image-guided diagnosis using ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. The superior outcomes achieved by image-guided therapy using MRI of the prostate and breast is highlighted.

As image-guided therapies become increasingly sophisticated, the ability to measure the response to chemotherapy and utilise gene expression is becoming more of a reality. The book succeeds in highlighting these new technologies. 

The response of breast cancer to neoadjuvant therapy and of prostate cancer to thermal therapy is also discussed in depth in the third section of the book dealing with innovations in imaging.

MRI guided intervention in neurosurgery is interesting to read about, but is not applicable in our local situation due to the current restrictions in MRI imaging.

In summary, Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer mainly deals with prostate and breast cancer and not with the whole spectrum of oncological conditions as the title suggests. The two chapters on the central nervous system are interesting but not relevant to our local conditions. This textbook is recommended for oncologists, radiotherapists, urologists and interventional radiologists, with some special interest in prostate and breast cancer.

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