Lymphoma of the Nervous System

Reviewed by:


T Batchelor (ed)
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann (2003)
ISBN: 0-7506-7406-7. 202 pages plus index
RRP: A$128.70



Lymphoma of the Nervous System is likely to be the only book of its type. It aims to give a comprehensive overview of lymphoma and its involvement with the nervous system.  The bulk of the discussion is about Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCNSL). Other topics include: neurological complications of lymphoid malignancies, complications of lymphoma therapy and three special topics regarding intra-ocular lymphoma, neurolymphomatosis and intravascular lymphoma of the nervous system respectively. This book has all the typical benefits and flaws associated with a small textbook on a specific topic.  

On the positive side, there is enormous detail and substantial reference lists for most of the chapters. The section on PCNSL is wide-ranging and includes discussions on the pathology, epidemiology, clinical features, neuro-imaging and management of this uncommon but fascinating condition. Similarly, discussion on rarer aspects of lymphoma and the nervous system are well detailed and provide deep levels of information for the enquiring reader.  

On the other hand, the book is poorly edited with much repetition of information.   For example, the classification of lymphoma is described in detail in Chapter 1 and in case you skipped Chapter 1, Chapter 2 duplicates the information. There is also an unnecessary duplication of information regarding the special topics given that the chapter on PCNSL has adequate detail on these rare aspects of lymphoma and the nervous system.

Finally, there is the universal concern of all reviewers regarding timely references. The book is published in 2004, but this reviewer could rarely find references from 2003. The field is moving sufficiently quickly to render a proportion of this textbook out of date.

As usual, I find little to recommend this textbook given that the fundamental information is already available in large texts and new information can be sought from the internet and recently published literature.

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