Pocket Guide to Breast Cancer (Third Edition)


K Hassey Dow
Jones and Barrett (2006)
ISBN: 07-637068-33

This pocket-sized book is the third edition of an easy-to-use guide to breast cancer. The author is a well known cancer nurse who has conducted research in breast cancer, quality of life and cancer survivorship.

As suggested by the title, this is a small sized paperback guide that is spiral bound. It has been written for nurses caring for women with breast cancer but would provide a useful update for all health professionals working with breast cancer patients. The book provides information that is current for time of publication, although notes the constantly evolving nature of cancer care.

The book is divided into four main themes: epidemiology; treatment of primary breast cancer; management of recurrence; and quality of life issues. The book comprehensively covers topics such as prevention, screening, early detection, treatment, cancer survivorship issues and advanced breast cancer. It also includes menopausal, pregnancy and fatigue issues. The information is supported by numerous references at the end of each chapter.

Each chapter is divided into topic headings with dot points to further expand on the relevant information for these headings. Contained within the text are some useful websites that can provide more information on that subject. There is a very good chapter on hormonal therapy and another on hormonal therapy in recurrent disease. Included in these chapters is the most recent information on aromatase inhibitors.

Overall, the format of the guide is easy-to-follow and provides the reader with clear and concise information. I would recommend this book to any health professional working with breast cancer patients. It would also be useful for health professionals working in breast screening units as it follows breast cancer from pre- screening through to the treatment phase and beyond.

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