Radiation oncology

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James D. Cox and K. Kian Ang
Elsevier (2009)
ISBN: 978-0-323-04971-9
1072 pages
RRP: A$283.00

86-F8-A9-39-7D-BB-9F-CD-21-77-B9-11-2D-4F-CD-C5Radiation Oncology is in its ninth edition, and the authors have stated their intention to update and replace chapters from earlier editions that are outdated.

The chapters are well formulated, with the content presented in a logical and sequential manner, allowing for an ease in both reading and sourcing of information. The text flows nicely, outlining changes that have taken place in radiation oncology since the last edition (2003) and builds on these changes to update the reader with advances in radiation oncology techniques, including new developments in intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and proton therapy.

Disease sites are covered from aetiology, anatomy and pathology, through to treatment options and outcomes. Recent clinical trials and adjuvant therapies are covered where applicable and this enables the reader to obtain a ‘big picture’ view of the disease.

Photos and diagrams used in the text provide solid technical support and visual representation of the topics being discussed. Most figures in this ninth edition utilise colour, enhancing the value of the diagrams. The utilisation of selective relevant images allows easier understanding for those unfamiliar with the detail of 3D treatment planning systems and CT cross sectional anatomy.

Patient outcomes are limited to some discussion of the acute and late complications of radiotherapy to some sites, and there is minimal discussion or evidence to justify interventions for patient care. However, this is not the intent of this text, as it is primarily a theoretical textbook of the impact of radiotherapy alone or in combination with other treatment modalities on specific tissues, while minimising the harm to healthy surrounding tissues. If the reader is searching for specific and detailed patient outcomes and evidence for a range of interventions, then they are available elsewhere.

Purchase of this book enables access to the expertconsult.com website. This allows for full text access online and the ability to search on any topic. Links are available to PubMed abstracts for most bibliographical references listed.

This text would be of interest to a range of professions within radiation oncology, and although some of the concepts are advanced reading, generally the language is accessible to most readers with some knowledge of the concepts. This is a useful textbook for a range of health professionals of varying levels of expertise working in radiation oncology, and its logical approach provides guidance for the novice practitioner, as well as detailed, up-to-date information for the advanced practitioner.

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