| Vol 40 issue No 1

Pancreatic cancer

Guest editors: David Goldstein and Lorraine Chantrill


Pancreatic cancer - an overview
Lorraine Chantrill and David Goldstein
Genomics of pancreatic tumours - what we now know
Ann-Marie Patch, Andrew Barbour, Nicola Waddell
Role of the microenvironment in chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer
Andreia V Pinho, Minoti V Apte, Jeremy S Wilson, Ilse Rooman
Novel therapeutics and preclinical imaging for pancreatic cancer – view from the lab
Anouschka Akerman, Claire Vennin, George Sharbeen, Sean C Warren, Paul Timpson, Phoebe A Phillips
Pancreatic cancer diagnosis and screening
Vinh-An Phan, Payal Saxena, Alina Stoita, Nam Nguyen
Inherited pancreatic cancer
Skye H McKay, Jeremy L Humphris, Amber L Johns, Anthony J Gill, Katherine Tucker
Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours – a rare pancreatic tumour
David L Chan, Nick Pavlakis, Paul Roach, Dale Bailey, Jennifer Arena, Eva Segelov
Pancreatic cancer: is the surgeon still relevant?
Nick Butler, Jaswinder Samra, Mehrdad Nikfarjam, Andrew P Barbour
Radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer
Chelsie O’Connor, Andrew Kneebone, Mark Lee
Radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Alycea McGrath, Guy Van Hazel, Andrew Dean, Ian Yusoff, Mikael Johansson, Nigel Spry
The changing landscape of systemic therapy in advanced pancreatic cancer
Dhanusha Sabanathan, Adnan M Nagrial, Venessa T Chin
Patterns of care – improving equity of access to optimal care
Rachel E Neale and Elizabeth Burmeister
Palliative care in advanced pancreatic cancer
Wendy Muircroft and David Currow
Integrated psychosocial and supportive care needed for patients with pancreatic cancer
Helen Gooden, Kerry Tiller, Jan Mumford, Kate White



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