Cancer Voices Australia

The role of the consumer is now firmly on the Government Agenda and we welcome both levels of government as they engage the ‘people affected by cancer’

To this effect Cancer Voices Australia (CVA) through its member base, now has its Board represented on 45 national and 24 state cancer committees – a considerable achievement.

CVA & Darcy v Myriad Genetics Inc.

CVA is challenging the BRAC-1 gene patenting by Myriad, which follows on from the successful challenge in the US regarding this matter. Myriad, however challenged the decision and its appeal was successful.

CVA is still proceeding with the matter in Australia and it is scheduled for hearing in February 2012.

PBS deferrals

In March 2011 in response to a decision by the Minister to defer the listing of a number of PBAC recommended drugs, CVA wrote to the Minister detailing our position on this subject. CVA along with the Consumers’ Health Forum and over 60 of CHF’s members, met with the Minister in April 2011. As a result of these meetings the minister has addressed the matter.

Radiation Oncology Services

Working closely with the Department of Health and Ageing and the Tri-partite Committee, CVA is a member of the committee that has overseen the launch of the National Dosimetry Centre and the Radiation Oncology Practice Standards – now out for public submission.

As a result of his work in this arena, CVA’s Executive Officer, John Stubbs was presented with a Recognition Award for commitment to radiation oncology services in Australia. He was also appointed to the faculty board, a first for consumers.

Cancer Australia

Following the successful amalgamation of Cancer Australia and the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre, CVA has partnered with Cancer Australia to develop a national consumer framework for Consumer Involvement in cancer control.

Cancer Voices Australia continues to forge alliances with national and state groups and use ‘the consumer voice’ to promote common issues.

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