Faculty of Radiation Oncology, RANZCR


The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists has secured funding from the Department of Health and Ageing, through the Better Access to Radiation Oncology Program, to promote radiation oncology as a career.

The ‘A Career in Radiation Oncology Project’ will promote the three specialties – radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology medical physicists. The project is being carried out in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Radiography and Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine.

The objectives include:

  • Building awareness of radiation oncology and the professions that support it, with a focus on career opportunities. 
  • Increase the number of qualified people entering the professions by educating high school and university students about the careers that support radiation oncology.
  • Influence career planning decision-making at an early age (high school), followed by reinforcement at university levels as students embark on career choices.

A number of resources have been developed for the project, including a brochure, video, website, presentation and other promotional material. These resources will be utilised at careers events, including careers expos in urban and regional areas, post graduate careers expos, student seminars and career advisor seminars.

This project is expected to raise the profile of radiotherapy as a treatment, as well as the promotion of a career in radiation oncology.

For further updates on the project, visit www.acareerinradiationoncology.com.au

Watch the Career in Radiation Oncology video at http://youtu.be/5E5ssMKEBHs

Support international radiation oncology development

The Faculty is keen to support radiation oncology in lower middle income countries in the Asia-Pacific region. In past years, the Faculty has sponsored radiation oncology professionals from Vietnam and Malaysia to visit radiotherapy departments in Sydney. The objective is to share information and experience, and to establish long-term relationships between radiotherapy departments in Australia and lower middle income countries to enable the transfer of expertise.

The Faculty has established a Special Interest Group to support the Asia-Pacific radiation oncology sector, in order to raise the standard of radiation oncology and to develop the discipline in countries with minimal healthcare facilities and infrastructure. A number of radiation oncologists have expressed their interest in participating in this important program.

Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine and Australian Institute of Radiography are also involved in this important initiative to advance the delivery of safe, accurate and effective radiotherapy treatments in lower middle income countries in Asia-Pacific region.

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