Medical Oncology Group of Australia


The Medical Oncology Group of Australia (MOGA), the peak professional organisation for medical oncologists and the profession in Australia plays a leading role in the national oncology sector.  MOGA is the key point of reference on all matters relating to medical oncology education and clinical practice, and is committed to supporting the development of our members and our profession in today’s rapidly-evolving professional environment.

Education in medical oncology

MOGA works closely with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians on training and education for medical oncology trainees. This process is managed by a group of our members who compose the College’s Advanced Training Committee-Medical Oncology. The Group is chaired by Dr Weng Ng, who took over this demanding role late in 2016 when Associate Professor Phillip Parente stepped down. 

Dr Rachel Wong, Deputy Director of Oncology, Eastern Health and an Advanced Training Committee-Medical Oncology Member is the Project Lead for a new educational initiative, ASCO Education Essentials that is being piloted in 2017. This self-directed learning program is open to trainees who are registered in the medical oncology training program and provides access to a range of valuable learning resources including, unlimited access to over 100 e-learning courses; access to the ASCO Essentials Program 2017 for Australian Medical Oncology Trainees is supported by an educational grant from MSD Australia.

Our members, our workforce

As a medical speciality with a growing and evolving membership, working with rapidly changing workplace environments and practices, the importance of medical oncology workforce planning and development is paramount. The Association is pleased to be participating in a major international study covering twenty-four international societies and countries that is being conducted by Professor Chris Booth, a Canadian medical oncologist and focuses on the global medical oncology workload.

Research and advocacy

MOGA is committed to taking a leading role in research and advocacy focussed on cancer, oncology drugs, treatments as well as patient care. MOGA congratulates Dr Ganessan Kichenadasse, from the Flinders Medical Centre on the recent publications of his study on, The current practice, preparedness and educational preparation of oncology professionals to provide spiritual Care, Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 2016 doi: 10.1111/ajco.12654.

MOGA is engaged in various research activities through the development of policy and position statements, drug submissions and independent clinical advice. MOGA has provided the Financial Services Council with important clinical advice on the new minimum standards medical definitions detailed in the new national Life Insurance Code of Practice, which sets out mandatory obligations on life insurers. The Association is also currently developing position statements on biosimilars and chemotherapy dosing. 

Oncology drugs and treatments

The Association welcomed the recent opportunity to contribute to the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s consultations on new expedited pathways aimed at streamlining the registration processes and improving access to new medicines and medical devices including expedited pathways for the registration of new medicines and devices that addressed unmet clinical needs in specific circumstances; with pathways entry to be based on transparent eligibility criteria consistent with those adopted by comparable overseas regulators.

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